Data-driven health logistics in the Indo-Pacific

by Mikaela Barker • October 6, 2021

Mapbox services have helped us to build Tupaia, our data aggregation, analysis, and visualisation platform designed for health workers in the most remote settings in the world.  “We can harness Mapbox’s powerful tools without sharing a single piece of data back to them. This allows countries to retain complete control and sovereignty over their information” – Michael […]

Data sharing collaboration makes Pacific health information more accessible than ever before

by Mikaela Barker • September 30, 2021

The Pacific Data Hub and Tupaia have announced a data sharing collaboration that will see publicly available health data on the Pacific made more accessible than ever before.  “This collaboration with Tupaia takes the Pacific Data Hub to a new level, said Phil Bright, GIS Dissemination and Innovation Lead at the Pacific Community (SPC). “Having one source of health data means anyone interested can build on this existing base of data. It will allow people to connect the […]

Recognising the skills of mSupply users worldwide: Introducing the mSupply International Accreditation System

by Emily Porrello • September 22, 2021

Introducing the mSupply International Accreditation System    DTAC has officially launched the mSupply International Accreditation System, a multi-level online course for mastering the skills of mSupply. Since the course opened a fortnight ago, almost 300 users from 50 countries around the world have signed up to strengthen their supply chain management skills. Ten mSupply champions […]

B-Corp Certification

by Michael Nunan • August 6, 2021

There is a space in between not-for-profits and private enterprise that encompasses businesses who are driven by their desire to have a positive impact on the world, but who still do make sustainable profits – and that’s where Beyond Essential sits. B Corporations, or B Corps, are businesses that “balance purpose and profit” and Beyond […]