Vector Surveillance – Tupaia Impact Presentation series

by Michael Nunan • February 4, 2021

Tupaia Operations Lead and Project Manager Dr Gerry Kelly presents the first in our new series of Impact Presentations. The Impact Presentations will focus on different issues of public health, present the background and problems faced and show how Tupaia can – and does – help to solve those problems. In our first presentation, Gerry […]

Integrating Platforms in Palau

by Michael Nunan • November 17, 2020

Every day we use digital tools to achieve different tasks – checking social media, ordering an uber, tracking our fitness… and these days, we just expect those tools to integrate with each other when we want them to. When we order Uber Eats or Deliveroo, we use a single app to place an order with […]

Talofa Samoa

by Michael Nunan • September 30, 2020

No one likes getting sick but the experience is infinitely scarier and more challenging when you can’t access the medicines you need to get better. This issue is very real for patients visiting health facilities in low-resource settings like Samoa, where stock is commonly managed using paper or outdated software systems and despite highly trained […]

Strengthening health supply chains in Fiji

by Michael Nunan • September 24, 2020

At BES, we are passionate about improving health supply chains across the Pacific Islands. This is why we are so excited to bring our expertise to Fiji, where we will be working with local counterparts over the next 15 months to improve access to essential medical supplies. As announced earlier this week, we will be partnering with […]