Tupaia is a data aggregation, analysis and visualisation platform that maps health systems in low and middle-income countries. The project combines data from sources including DHIS2, mSupply and our MediTrak app to help improve medicines availability, map outbreaks, respond to disasters and strengthen services. Tupaia also gives donors a bird’s eye view of performance metrics and helps patients to locate appropriate care more quickly and safely.

Our data collection app, Tupaia MediTrak, is a free Android and iOS application designed for use in aid posts, clinics and health centres. Used to assess clinics, manage and collect patient data and run stocktakes, it is designed to collect information on clinics, map facilities and track patients. Tupaia works offline, syncing data whenever the internet becomes available and uploading to your chosen database.

You can see the results for Asia-Pacific at www.Tupaia.org. More information is available here.

Tupaia is fully compatible with DHIS2, mSupply and other major eHealth platforms.

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